Friday, May 8, 2020

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7th dream pointing to a 2020 crash

       1/11/19 Drempt I was in a class room with a teacher being tested with other students. We had gone thru the test, but then needed to go thru it again.
       My math test needed the assistance of my teacher to manually one on one, go back over it because for some reason, I was missing it on paper.
        The 1st question was 8x11, Answer 88
        2nd Q was hard to remember, but was close to this... 8x7 or 8x6, 48.
         The 3rd Q was 5x4= 20. That's when I suddenly woke up on the 20 and immediately thought that was a date encoded, with the 20 being the year 2020. The 2nd number is hard for me to remember, but the other two I solidly remembered.
       The number 88 being a number of new beginnings. Q #2, 48 or 56? may be a time of the year in 2020. My mind guided, maybe 48 out of 100 is what I was thinking, like if the year had 100, it would be 48%, and that would be indicative of a major event. If 48 or 56% of the year, would bring us to...
 48% = 6/24/20
54% = 7/16/20
56% = 7/23/20
Maybe 6 x7 = 42% = 6/2/20.
        The 2nd # is speculative to me, because it was hard to remember,  but Q#3, the year 2020 has been previously confirmed to me in like several other dreams I had in 2018, that we had 2 years left from there, and we would face an economic crash. This dream being another witness that 2020 is the year. Notice the date I was given this dream?
  5/9/20 edit -  So, on watch to see if we have another surprise after everything reopens from the CV19 scare.
       In the 1st part of the dream, I had to go thru the test again. Wondering if this is another CV19 scare that'll be pumped or if something else (another crash) should arise in June/July.
      This coincides with a prophetic watch for end of June I had from the $55.22 sign in my book. That's why I'm on watch for that time anyway, but this dream seems to be a confirming sign to that time to watch.


  1. The desktop mode of this blog shows a snap shot from Feb 2019 of when I 1st posted this dream, so you know, I'm not making this stuff up. I'm on watch for June/July to see if something else surprises us at that time. Another CV19 scare? another crash? Some other surprise trouble?
    Watchout for June/July

  2. Hit below , "view Web version" yo get to the desktop mode where the original post pic from Feb 2019 is.